Hi, I’m Kate

I am a life coach and have been called the Fairy Godmother of SASS especially for women looking to rediscover their sassy, beautiful and happy selves.
Do you feel lost, ‘less-than’, unhappy but don’t know why? Or are you just tired and scared, and worried that your life is not going to be ok ever again? Maybe you’re just so frustrated that life was just not supposed to be like this? Did you want so much more?

I bet you wish you felt not just ok but AMAZING every, single, day.  That you have a life that has joy, love, and sassiness back in it… a life which you can design that makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning?

If you would love to feel that sense of light, cheekiness, happiness, and energy back in your life and reconnect with your passion and inner self… then Sassy Ever After is for you.

Sassy Ever After is the inspiring and affirming coaching programme for women who don’t just want to start over again, or find themsleves  – they want so much more! They want to remodel and redesign their lives and SMASH THE HELL OUT OF tired expectations, and old routines, and live a life full of laughter, joy, passion, success, and sass.

Kate Grosvenor

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